St. Joseph College

St. Joseph College

St. Joseph College was founded in the year 1882, an era when India was not even free of reigns from the British rule. It has hence been rewarded with the fame of being one of the oldest colleges in Bangalore city. Years of operation have allowed the St. Joseph College to gain an expeditious degree of experience and learning from the number of students that have come to its campus and passes out meritoriously.

St. Joseph College is mostly operated and administered under the collective rule of Jesuits. However, the college maintains its status of being an autonomous organisation. For this very reason, the college is able to administer its own rules and guidelines throughout the college, it has its own recognition process for students and an all over independent examination process, which are held to evaluate the performance of the students.

Aspirants are seeking admission in St. Joseph College with high expectations and aspirations as this college is highly regarded and touted for its excellent performance. Having received numerous awards and recognition from prestigious institutions, St. Joseph College has been rewarded with a five star rating by many trusted educational profilers and NAAC.

St. Joseph College is a very popular choice of college among students who seek to enrol themselves in the field of commerce. As per the recognition criteria of India Today, the college has maintained itself in the ranks of one of the top ten colleges for Commerce for a consecutive period of five years.


  • Specialised niche towards the commerce stream. A prospective candidate may achieve a specialised learning in many of our undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Systematic sub division of different educational sectors into basic divisions, making an efficient utilisation of the power of division, thus bringing the benefit of specialisation and effectiveness in various fields.
  • Targeted results and efforts in the fields of commerce, management, business studies, social science, humanities and engineering. Employment of the most efficient panel of faculty for the said subjects, making the university a well sought after option among prospective candidates.
  • Establishment of highlighted course modules for all students in various fields. Uniformity in divulging education in all fields, making every educational sector a likeable option for the students.
  • Diversification in the field of education by means of offering multiple courses and fields of studies as per student’s choice.
  • Students seek opportunities for improvement and development in a more open and frank environment.
  • Special focus on integral formation of students and a strict watch over overall development of student.
  • Use of statistical analysis and tools to identify and suggest prospective careers for students and aiding them in building a fruitful and competitive future.
  • Co-education environment; offers admission to both, boys and girls. Equal status and privilege given to both, for true development of the candidate.
  • Regular hosting of competitions and quizzes in college campus and equal participation by other colleges for an enhanced competitive environment.
  • Equal respect and privilege available to all students, hailing from different regions of the country, and a strict notion towards a liberal study environment.
  • Complete support and assistance of faculty available to students in regards to any matter.
  • Discrimination towards any student on any grounds, whether by other students or teachers, is strictly prohibited in the college environment. A strict watch is maintained to ensure that these rules are actually implemented at all times.

St. Joseph College aims to open more paths and roads of success for all its students. The faculty and the university wishes dearly to see all their students succeed and attain a position of prominent status in their careers. For this, the faculty and the policy makers of the university have devised the following courses to be offered by them in the line of their service:

  • BBA - An eminent course that trains the student in the field of management and enables him to take a position in the field and position of managers in different fields.
  • MBA - A post-graduation course that enables a student to pick up a line of duty in the field of management in high ranking offices and Multi-national corporations.
  • Engineering - A very promising and prospective career for the students from science background, this course allows a student to establish himself as an engineer and take up further study options that make him an expert in the field.
These graduation and post-graduation programs are deliberately aimed at making education a holistic means of development and growth for the student. The university employs some of the best and most eligible minds in the field for the best of its students.

Every course demands a different scale of fees for admission and study in it. Depending on the courses a student chooses with us, the requisite fee will be intimated during the admission process.

If a student was to learn about the real objective of St. Joseph College, he would be glad to know that the main aim of the college is to admit and retain, and help them clear out from various courses, with significant amount of knowledge and practical training, so that he can excel in the field that he chooses to operate in. No matter which job position a candidate wishes to take up in the future, he is well trained for it right from the college days.

For this reason, St. Joseph College and its faculty, maintains a very strict control over the students that are provided admission into the college. This is in strict adherence to the policy of the college to admit only meritorious students.

For this purpose, a student is required to present himself on the said date and time for appearing in the respective entrance exams to various courses. Only those students, who shall secure an acceptable ranking in the said entrance exams, shall be eligible to obtain admission in one of the many courses that are offered at St. Joseph College.

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