Jain University

Jain University

Jain University is one of the first universities to be established in the city of Bangalore. Since its inception in the year 1956, the university has made a constant effort towards developing educational opportunities for students from various fields. Like any other educational institution, Jain University has been established for the best development and growth of students, in a field of their choice.

The success and highlight of Jain University is a tell-tale of the numerous awards and recognitions that it has earned over many years from esteemed platforms. The university is highly promoted by the JGI group.

The Jain University manifests its presence in Karnataka, although, it admits students from all across India to its campus. Achieving a feet that most other universities find hard to do, the Jain University has also achieved the ISO certification of 9001:2008 for its eminent commitment towards quality management. Taking its aim further, the Jain University strives to create an all-round and holistic environment for the students of its university and thus also operates the Jain International Residential School along with Jain University for a strong base for its students.

In one of its most amazing feet achieved ever, Jain University has successfully accomplished the goal of attracting a student base that hails from more than 25 countries. Having such a diverse student base allows the students of the university to interact with each other and further increase their knowledge. Devoid of any discrimination of any form, students study in a peaceful yet encouraging environment.

Jain University is well known for its particular interest and effort towards overall development of the student community. Not only has it worked towards creating a stimulating study environment for its students, it has also paid extremely dedicated efforts towards ensuring that its faculty base is capable enough to educate the students in a holistic manner.


  • Equipped with a panel of the most diligent and hardworking professors from all over the nation, all poised to create a wave in the world of education, leading to dynamic and systematic results for the student community.
  • First hand priority to education and its development across different fields. Use of contemporary modes of education and their efficient utilisation in imparting knowledge in an effective manner.
  • Systematic sub division of different educational sectors into basic divisions, making an efficient utilisation of the power of division, thus bringing the benefit of specialisation and effectiveness in various fields.
  • Targeted results and efforts in the fields of commerce, management, business studies, social science, humanities and engineering. Employment of the most efficient panel of faculty for the said subjects, making the university a well sought after option among prospective candidates.
  • Eminent diversification in the fields of law, science and management for even greater and satisfactory performance of student and availability of ample options for his development and growth.
  • Establishment of highlighted course modules for all students in various fields. Uniformity in divulging education in all fields, making every educational sector a likeable option for the students.
  • Ranked and awarded by many prestigious institutions for being an excellent university in the field of education and higher studies for students.
  • Excellent approach towards development of entrepreneurship and leadership skills.
  • Excellent record of campus placements and employment scope for students.
  • Well researched teaching methods for best support to the student community.

Jain University aims to open more paths and roads of success for all its students. The faculty and the university wishes dearly to see all their students succeed and attain a position of prominent status in their careers. For this, the faculty and the policy makers of the university have devised the following courses to be offered by them in the line of their service:

  • BBA - An eminent course that trains the student in the field of management and enables him to take a position in the field and position of managers in different fields.
  • MBA - A post-graduation course that enables a student to pick up a line of duty in the field of management in high ranking offices and Multi-national corporations.
  • Engineering - A very promising and prospective career for the students from science background, this course allows a student to establish himself as an engineer and take up further study options that make him an expert in the field.
These graduation and post-graduation programs are deliberately aimed at making education a holistic means of development and growth for the student. The university employs some of the best and most eligible minds in the field for the best of its students.

Every course demands a different scale of fees for admission and study in it. Depending on the courses a student chooses with us, the requisite fee will be intimated during the admission process.

Seeking admission in Jain University is quite simple and easy. One needs to be aware of the relevant dates and forms that need to be filled for admission. On the mentioned dates, a student needs to present himself for and entrance examination.

Taking an admission at the Jain University is a prestigious and reputable opportunity for a student. One should train and equip himself with the requisite course for taking our admission tests and securing a rank that merits obtaining admission to the course. We have a very systematic but strict method of selecting students for our course. We exercise this rigorous practice to ensure that only the worthy students are allotted a seat in the university. We conduct entrance examinations for the different courses offered at the university, which need to be cleared by a student with enough credentials, in order to secure a seat in one of the courses listed above. Our panel is available at most times to assist students seeking admission and they should be consulted in case there is any doubt regarding the process.

For Admission Guidance Call +91-9916157755 / +91-9986207755


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