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Engineering Colleges in Banglaore

In India, one of the most sought after course for students from the Science background is engineering. India is producing engineers at an unprecedented rate every year. There is huge Job opportunity for Engineering in India and abroad in various different engineering specializations. However, not as many engineers are able to secure the desired jobs, even after successfully completing the course. We help you learn more about this course and understand how to succeed in it. As we act as your Career Counselor and help you in getting admissions in Top Engineering Colleges which has very good track record of quality education and assured Campus placement and Job Opportunity after successful completing of the course.

What is Engineering all about?

Engineering is the field of study that demands a student to equip himself with the knowledge and mechanisms of varied fields and then to apply that knowledge in practical aspects. Most engineering colleges in India provide a four year curriculum to its students, where they choose a specific field of study and develop themselves to excel in that field.

What will you study in the curriculum?

The first and second years of engineering teach common topics and subjects to all students alike. During this time, you will be given knowledge about the advanced concepts of physics, chemistry, mathematics and such. Special attention is given to concepts on calculus, linear algebra and statistics.

During the third and final year of the college, a student has to choose a specific field of study. This is where you need to make the most crucial decision of your academic life. The field that you choose at this point cannot be changed at any point ahead in life. Your job prospects will depend on this very field. Based on this, you will also be needed to undergo an internship for some time, where you will learn some concepts of the area of study you have chosen.

What qualifications do you need to enter Engineering?

One can opt for engineering as soon as he completes his 10+2. A basic entrance exam has been instituted by different universities, based on their requirement. A student needs to be able to clear this entrance exam in order to enrol in engineering. Based on the results of these entrance exams, a student is eligible to obtain admission in one of the many engineering institutes of India. Selection of field of study will be done only after the second year.

What is the scope of Engineering?

There are ample opportunities for an engineer after completion of studies. Firstly, one can opt for job by campus placement route. Secondly, he can opt for M Tech degree for expanding his scope of knowledge further. Thirdly, one can also opt for MBA course after engineering. This is a better option for those who seek to get placed in a managerial position. One can also opt to go for civil services. Lastly, starting up an entrepreneurship venture can also prove to be fruitful for engineers after their fourth year.

The role of Bangalore Admissions for Engineering

At Bangalore Admissions, we help you identify the best path for your career and consecutively, choosing the most appropriate college for the same. We help you determine the best way ahead in engineering and studies post completing the course, for your fruitful career.