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BBA Colleges in Banglaore

One of the most popular under graduate degree in India, is BBA. Elaborated as the Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA focuses towards the domain of Business administration. Students who wish to pursue a career in the field of business, mostly go for this course. It is also popular among students who wish to pursue an MBA at the post graduation level.

What is BBA all about?

Spread across a time gap of three years, the course of BBA focuses on imparting knowledge in the field of business administration. One has to go through a number of semesters to clear the course. Since it is an under graduate program, it focuses dearly upon educating the student on the basics of management and entrepreneurship education. Also, a student has to deal with effective communication skills to be an expert in this field. The curriculum involves study at both, the theoretical and practical level.

What will you study in the curriculum?

BBA is aimed at providing an in depth knowledge to the student about Business administration, encompassed in the ambit of case studies, industrial visits, and practical coaching. The student has to wade through various hurdles including communication skills, presentations and practical analysis throughout the duration of the course. Subjects studied during the three year period include economics, mathematics, accounting, management, cost accounting, data base management systems, marketing management, taxation laws, organisation behaviour and more. All in all, a student learns management solutions in a more proactive manner in BBA.

What qualifications do you need to enter BBA?

Since BBA is an under graduate course, there are no admission tests involved in securing an admission to the course. At most, a student must have a ranking of a minimum 55% from a reputed board (10+2). Even so, many universities have different criteria for selection of candidates to their courses. There is a minimum age limit of 17 in order to enrol for BBA. Some of the admission tests that are conducted by certain universities include AIMA UGAT, GAT and more.

What is the scope of BBA?

Post completion of under graduation in BBA, a student opens up a plethora of opportunities for himself. One can either take up a job, or take up admission for an advanced course. The most sought after option of studies after BBA is MBA. Also, there are certain organisations that allow their employees to do on the job training, meaning that one can undergo an MBA while working for the organisation. If you choose to take up a job, you can land up in the management field as a business consultant, finance manager, human resource manager, banking employee, industrial houses, business houses, multinational corporations and many more such options.

The role of Bangalore Admissions for BBA

At Bangalore Admissions, we help you identify the best path for your career and consecutively, choosing the most appropriate college for the same. We help you determine the best way ahead in BBA and studies post completing the course, for your fruitful career.